WebAssign becomes a MathJax Supporter

WebAssign, a leading independent online homework and assessment system, has become an official MathJax Supporter. The WebAssign team has integrated MathJax into a new feature called “Show My Work”, which makes it very easy for students to use mathematical notation in their assignments.

WebAssign provides web-based instructional and learning tools for faculty and students. Instructors can create assignments using a web browser, which they can then easily share with their students. After students have entered their answers, WebAssign automatically grades their work and gives instant feedback.

To create the new “Show My Work” feature, the WebAssign team integrated MathJax, Dijit Editor, and a new mathematics and equation input device. The result allows students to create richly formatted documents that include high-quality mathematical typography directly from within a browser. ‘With “Show My Work”, students type their work for a homework exercise using a web interface just as though they were using a pencil and paper’, comments Hildon Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Mathematics for WebAssign. MathJax provides dependable math display across viewing devices, and – thanks to its dynamic nature – can render a student’s work on-the-fly in proper mathematical typesetting.

Becoming a MathJax Supporter helps WebAssign to make optimal use of MathJax, and also makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax a solid and flexible technology.