MathJax whitepaper "Towards MathJax v3.0" released

The MathJax Consortium today announced the publication of the white paper “Towards MathJax v3.0” which discusses the approach the MathJax project will follow when implementing significant changes as part of Mathjax v3.0 in 2016.

The white paper is the result of an internal review and assessment of several possible directions for future improvements. As a mission-driven, multi-stakeholder project, the potential approaches proposed by the MathJax development team were reviewed by the MathJax sponsors, experts from the community, and the MathJax Steering Committee.

“This white paper represents an important milestone for the MathJax project,” said Don McClure, Executive Director, American Mathematical Society. “The community of sponsors and experts support the revision of the project’s goals so that it can continue to provide the best tools for the benefit of the math&science community on the web”.

“Web technologies have taken a major step forward recently, providing a much more consistent platform across all browsers and devices”, commented Peter Krautzberger, MathJax Manager. “The time is right to redesign MathJax’s core module to make better use of tomorrow’s web so that we can provide an even better tool for developers, authors, and users”.

The white paper is available as HTML and PDF.