The Mathematical Association of America becomes a MathJax Supporter

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is giving the MathJax project a boost by joining the sponsorship program as a MathJax Supporter. The MAA is the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. Beyond the welcome financial support, we are very pleased to have the benefit of the MAA’s extensive experience and leadership in mathematical publishing and online technologies.

The MAA has been an early adopter of communicating mathematics online with electronic resources such as MathDL, Loci, ebooks and journals. Its open-source homework system WeBWorK is used at over 450 institutions worldwide. MathJax will be benefiting from suggestions and bug reports from the MAA’s technical staff and we look forward to further collaboration.

“MathJax is rapidly becoming an essential resource for communicating mathematics on the Web,” says MAA Director of Publications Ivars Peterson. “We are very pleased to support the development of MathJax and intend to incorporate it even more fully in our many electronic offerings.”

Becoming a MathJax Supporter helps the MAA to make optimal use of MathJax, and also makes an important contribution to keeping MathJax a reliable, flexible and open technology.