Project Euclid Enables MathJax for 20 Journals

Project Euclid announced today that it has enabled MathJax for a set of 20 journals, with more titles to be added on a regular basis. The final goal is to use MathJax for mathematics rendering throughout Project Euclid for metadata such as titles, abstracts and references.

“MathJax makes it easy to display beautiful math online,” said David Ruddy, Project Euclid lead at Cornell. “It has been difficult to present math attractively and reliably on the Web. There are a number of different methods in use, and browsers all behave differently with each. Now, with MathJax, the display problem has been vastly simplified and Project Euclid users will be able to see math the way authors intended.” (Quote taken from this Project Euclid News Brief.)

Developed by Cornell University Library and jointly managed by Cornell and Duke University Press, Project Euclid is an online information community for mathematics and statistics resources. It contains over 100,000 scientific articles from independent and society journals, as well as conference proceedings and monographs.

Project Euclid is one of the sponsors of MathJax. Support for both MathML and LaTeX source files, as well as compatibility with all modern browsers, helps Project Euclid to serve the needs of both publishers and readers. A useful article, MathJax Best Practices for Publishers, can also be found at An example of Project Euclid’s MathJax implementation can be found at