Project Euclid continues as a MathJax Supporter

Project Euclid continues to support the MathJax project as a MathJax Supporter.

Project Euclid is a not-for-profit online publishing service designed to address the unique needs of the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics by providing access to independent and society journals, monographs, and conference proceeding. Through a collaborative partnership arrangement, publishers join forces and participate in an online presence with advanced functionality, allowing them to better serve scholars without sacrificing their intellectual or economic independence or commitment to low subscription prices. Project Euclid is jointly managed by Cornell University Library and Duke University Press.

“We initially implemented MathJax on twenty titles, since then we have significantly expanded its use on Project Euclid” says Mira Waller, Director of Publishing Services. “MathJax has become an important part of Project Euclid’s display of math on the web and we are proud to continue our support of this valuable service.”

“The continued support of Project Euclid demonstrates its commitment to being a partner to the science community on the web”, comments Peter Krautzberger, MathJax Manager. “The feedback of sponsors such as Project Euclid is invaluable to ensure that MathJax remains the reliable, high-quality rendering solution it is today.”

The MathJax team looks forward to the continued collaboration with Project Euclid, and welcomes their ongoing support for the MathJax project.