MathJax v2.7.5 now available

We are happy to officially release MathJax v2.7.5 today.

This is a maintenance release primarily to address a bug in WebKit that can cause the page to crash or some text to be missing in recent versions of Safari. For details on all bug fixes and enhancements, please see below.

This release should be available on all CDN providers, e.g., which you can load it in place of the version you are currently using (or load latest.js instead of Mathjax.js to get the latest version 2.x, whatever it is, but note that this loads asynchronously, so the MathJax global variable may not be available immediately).

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP archive or access the branch on GitHub.

Thanks for your continuing interest in MathJax. We hope that this release makes your MathJax experience even better.

The MathJax Team.

New in MathJax v2.7.5

  • Update AsciiMath to current master version
  • Update mhchem to version 3.3.0
  • Update a11y to version 1.5.0 (with SRE 2.2.2)
  • Use Plane1 alphabets for STIX fonts when possible in HTML-CSS and SVG. (#1923)
  • Improve line breaking algorithm for all output modes. (#1970)
  • Fix problems with multline in CHTML (with tags) and SVG (with small containers). (#1974)
  • Add CSS for munder in CHTML. (#1981)
  • Adjust measuring of ex size and container width to avoid line breaks for inline math in WebKit. (#1982)
  • Don’t rescale mstyle bbox for scriptstyle changes in CHTML. (#1985)
  • Prevent potential infinite loop in setRenderer(). (#1986)
  • Make sure \big, etc., are at the right size in script styles in CHTML. (#1987)
  • Fix problem with position of under/over applied to tables in SVG and HTML-CSS. (#1993)
  • Properly handle MML spacing for explicit FORM attributes in all output modes. (#1997)
  • Fix potential crash and missing text in recent Safari versions. (#2005)
  • Change WebKit version for accent fix from 603 to 602. (#2017)
  • Adjust max-width in SVG output to account for scaling factor.
  • Fix for useMMLspacing and FORM attributes.
  • Properly count multi-character glyphs when looking for a single character

For more information see also the 2.7.5 milestone.