MathJax v2.7.4 now available

We are happy to officially release MathJax v2.7.4 today.

This is a bug-fix release. Among the issue fixed in this release are the following:

For details on all bug fixes and enhancements, please see below.

This release should be available on all CDN providers, e.g., which you can load it in place of the version you are currently using (or load latest.js instead of Mathjax.js to get the latest version 2.x, whatever it is, but note that this loads asynchronously, so the MathJax global variable may not be available immediately).

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP archive or access the branch on GitHub.

Thanks for your continuing interest in MathJax. We hope that this release makes your MathJax experience even better.

The MathJax Team.

New in MathJax v2.7.4

  • Prevent infinite loop if an autoloaded component fails to load. (#1936)
  • Always set movablelimits to false in \overset and \underset. (#1929)
  • CSS reset for box-sizing in HTML-CSS output. (#1942)
  • Add px to max-width for SVG output containing tags. (#1950)
  • Properly handle namespaces starting with math in MathML input. (#1951)
  • Make tex2jax and asciimath2jax rescan after unmatched delimiter. (#1960)
  • Fix minimum height of accents in scripts. (#1956)
  • Make monospaced non-breaking space be of correct width. (#1953)
  • Handle size of centered large operators correctly in mrows. (#1933)

For more information see also the 2.7.4 milestone.