MathJax v2.4 beta now available

Today we are entering the public beta phase of MathJax v2.4. This bug fix release includes over 70 improvements to increase the quality and stability of MathJax (see below for details).

The beta is available via our CDN at which you can load it in place of the version you are currently using; note this address can be accessed as via both http and https.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP archive to use locally or you can check out the v2.4-beta branch of MathJax by using the commands

git clone git:// MathJax-2.4-beta
cd MathJax-2.4-beta
git checkout v2.4-beta

at an appropriate location on your server.

Remember that this is still beta software, so if you are not an experienced user, you may want to wait for the official 2.4 release. We do not recommend that you use the 2.4-beta version for production environments, but do encourage you to test your sites with it.

If you are linking to, note that at the point of the official release of v2.4, the address will begin to serve MathJax v2.4. You can also continue to use v2.3 by linking to instead — and you can change to that version at any point (it is available now). Once the official v2.4 release is made, the v2.4-beta address will be removed from the CDN.

The official release of v2.4 should occur within the next three weeks, but we want you to be able to start to test out the v2.4 features now. Please report any bugs you find to the issue tracker at

Thanks for your continuing interest in MathJax. We hope that this release makes your MathJax experience even better.

The MathJax Team.

New in MathJax v2.4

MathJax v2.4 is primarily a bug fix release. Numerous display bugs, line-breaking problems, and interface issues have been resolved; for a detailed listing please check the release milestone. The following are some of the highlights.


  • #256 Enable Content Security Policy compatibility.


  • #240 prevent two identical uses of \tag to cause identical element id.
  • #348 fix Show Math as window crashing in IE8.
  • #559 remove user cookie configuration.
  • #623 fix localization on IE6–8.
  • #685 fix MathMenu and MathZoom extensions loading when showMathMenu set to false.
  • #734 compress menu PNGs.


  • #617 add linebreaking support for mmultiscript elements.
  • #687 fix forced line breaking aligning badly.
  • #707 fix ignored line breaks between two mtext elements.

HTML-CSS/SVG/nativeMML display

  • #387 fix missing styling for merror in SVG output.
  • #391 fix linebreaking within fractions in SVG output.
  • #423, #460, #749 Zoom improvements: fix zoom box overflow in mobile Safari, fix zoom box for widths in px, fix zoom box overlay in Chrome.
  • #470 fix AMScd rendering in native MathML output.
  • #473 override text-ident of enclosing paragraph.
  • #476 improve big \Up/Downarrows.
  • #580 prevent CSS from overriding MathJax’s em/ex detection.
  • #619 fix: vertical stretching arrows in table cells can cause extra space between rows.
  • #699 fix table column spacing in NativeMathML output on Firefox.
  • #701 fix clipping of stretched delimiters in HTML-CSS output.
  • #703 fix math axis not scaled in script sizes.
  • #715 fix hat ^ too large with local STIX fonts in HTML-CSS.
  • #744 improve root symbol rendering in ever-changing but always buggy Chrome.
  • #770 add support for dotted borders to SVG output.

TeX emulation

  • #367 prevent \mmltoken from creating annotation elements.
  • #377 improve   handling.
  • #389 fix operating spacing in \split and \multiline environments.
  • #477, #459 add \textsf and \texttt macros and enable mtextInheritFont for them.
  • #547 fix misalignment in nested fractions in HTML-CSS and SVG output.
  • #624 fix AMScd on IE6–7.
  • #632 fix \Big not accepting delimiters in braces
  • #667 fix loop in bbox.
  • #691 enable multiple \label in multiline environments like align, eqnarray, and gather.
  • #719 empty array lines should get correct height.
  • #739 fix \operatorname* and \DeclareMathOperator*.
  • #746 fix spacing for \left ... \right.
  • #793 allow unmatched groups in \begin \end` substitutions.
  • #794 fix spacing for \bmod.


  • #353 add option for TeX-like \phi and \varphii behavior.
  • #743 add mmlSpacing option and set to true.
  • #747 fix processing error with invisible grouping.

MathML Handling

  • #328 remove _moz-*-attributes and improve MathML processing in Firefox.
  • #460 fix default value of mo@symmetric.
  • #478 make mfenced element equivalent to its expanded form
  • #561 implement menclose notation phaseorangle.
  • #578 fix quote attributes for ms elements.
  • #614 handle nested math elements better.
  • #684 fix handling of double primes in superscripts.
  • #691, #692, update Content MathML extension: fix IE11, plus with leading negative number.
  • #763 fix mglyph elements rendering too small.


  • #501 add workaround for broken Fedora STIX fonts configuration.
  • #517 reset min/max width for MathJax font test.
  • #576 improve font matching.
  • #615 check validity of font names.
  • #681 fix MathJax font test breaking responsive layout.
  • #711 detect new webfonts when locally installed.
  • #697 fix bold-italic for new webfonts.


  • #753 update locales from; add Vietnamese, Asturia, Polish, Catalan, Czech, Kannada locales.
  • #777 fix menu orientation for RTL languages.


  • #586 add all input processors to default.js.
  • #658 fix IE 11 recognized as Firefox.
  • #730 ignore rendering targets that have been removed from document.
  • #735 work around webfont bug in Chrome 32+.
  • #738 improve workaround for fixed position bug in old IE versions.
  • #737 add third-party path variable (for centralized custom extension hosting).