MathJax starts Discussion Group on LinkedIn

MathJax is an increasingly popular way for online publishers to display mathematical notation to a wide audience due to its ease of use and wide browser support. In order to have a place where publishers and other professionals can exchange ideas on how MathJax can help them in their job, we have started the MathJax Community on LinkedIn Groups. This discussion and interest group exists in addition to the MathJax User and Developer groups, which are geared towards more technical usage and development issues.

The steady growth of websites, wikis, and blogs working with MathJax shows that more and more people are using MathJax to display their mathematics online. Even more have seen MathJax and may be considering to use it. This is a diverse group of people, ranging from individuals running a blog or an online service to large publishing houses hosting scientific journals, but they all share an interest in online mathematics and the need for a high-quality, easy-to-use math rendering solution. With the MathJax Community we aim to bring these people together to discuss how MathJax may be used to increase the usability of online platforms large and small, to share ideas and experiences regarding MathJax, and talking about developments in the domain of online mathematics that may have an impact on business. If you are interested in these topics, please take a moment to visit the MathJax Community and join us there.

In order to keep its focus as a professional discussion and interest group, the MathJax Community is not the place for technical questions related to MathJax (which should be asked to the MathJax User Group), development issues (the MathJax Development Group), or bug reports (the GitHub issue tracker).