MathJax Community Update #7

After a quiet summer, fall has already brought around a ton of cool new stuff and links from around the MathJax community.


HTML5 has been finalized by the W3C!

Wikipedia has activated v2.0 of the Math Extension. Registered users can now use MathML with SVG fallbacks.

JAWS 16 ships with improved math and MathJax support.

MathJax is listed in Toptal’s Software Engineer’s Online Handbook.

Plugins and tools

Jan Rasmussen created two awesome Polymer demos pushing MathJax output into the ShadowDOM: a custom <math-tex> element and an experimental custom elements MathJax extension.

Penflip, the GitHub based writing app, has integrated MathJax support.

Daniel Thies released the first stable version of his Moodle Math Editor.

The Chrome app for Asciidoctor.js now ships with MathJax support.

Net2Plan provides a great open-source network planner.

Khan Academy has started a TeX-to-HTML converter called KaTeX.

Slack now has a mathjax plugin called Mathslax.

Content and Demos

Ana Tudor used MathJax in her awesome tutorial on inverse trigonmetric functions with SASS.

The Institute of Telecommunications at University Stuttgart created some excellent computational web demos such as this one on Mach-Zehnder Modulator.

Kasper Eulen is taking unicode driven input to another level by creating CoffeeTeX

A new math editor demo, MathJQ, combines MathQuill and MathJax.

Benjamin Esham worked out how to combine MathJax with Bigfoot.js for math empowered footnotes