MathJax community update #5

2014 is well on its way and there’s already a slew of new cool things happening around the MathJax community – it’s about time for another community update!

GitdenReader improves MathML support for epub3

Gitden has released GitdenReader 4 for Android with improvements to the MathJax integration. Future improvements are in the works, so go check it out and provide feedback to the Gitden team!

WriteLaTeX adds RichText editor with MathJax support

WriteLaTeX users can now see a live preview of their math in the editing pane as well. Thanks to MathJax support, users simply move their cursor into the equation to switch back to TeX. Check out the WriteLaTeX demo and switch the editor to “RichText”.

Jekyll switches to Kramdown

Good news for MathJax users of Jekyll. Jekyll switched to Kramdown as default markdown processor which improves compatibility with MathJax. Hattip to @pepper_chico

Stackexchange on Android adds MathJax support

The still brand new Stackexchange app for Android now comes with MathJax support.

Mathdown alpha released

Mathdown (on github) is a new, collaborative markdown+MathJax editor using CodeMirror and Firepad. Editing equations is easy, you simply move the cursor into an equation. Go check it out!

Quizzer adds MathJax support

Frank Bennet has added MathJax support to Quizzer, a lightweight writing lab quiz engine for node.js. adds MathJax support recently added MathJax support. For questions, head over to their support page on G+.

New Firefox add-ons

Fred Wang has released two new Firefox plugins. MathML Copy provides easy copy&paste access to MathML while MathJax Native MML lets users set MathJax to native MathML output, independent of page authors. You can read more at Fred’s Blog.

TeXzilla 0.9.4 released

Fred Wang has also released version 0.9.4 of TeXzilla, a TeX-to-MathML converter with iTeXMML compatible syntax.

Tiddlywiki MathJax plugin news

The know well-known Tiddlywiki MathJax plugin is now hosted on github – go and contribute! (via Phil Evans).

On StackOverflow: input fields, canvas

A couple of interesting questions came up on StackOverflow.


  • AppMind’s Android markdown editor Minutes Text Notes Pro + Sync now offers MathJax support.
  • The markdown editor LightPaper for Mac ( adds MathJax support.
  • LaTeXML recently completed its move and can now be found on GitHub. Go forth and contribute!

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