MathJax at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

Lead MathJax developer Davide Cervone will be speaking about the project at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco, Web, Jan 15, 2010. The title of his talk will be MathJax: a JavaScript-based engine for including TeX and MathML in HTML.

Robert Miner, MathJax project coordinator and Vice President of Research and Development for Design Science, Inc., will also be speaking on aspects of MathJax in a talked entitled MathType, Math Markup, and the Goal of Cut and Paste. Miner, long-time co-chair of the World Wide Web Consortium Math Working Group, will also address the progress of the MathML 3 specification toward Recommendation status, and inclusion in HTML5, and his view of how MathJax fits into the larger picture of math and science communication on the Web.

Both talks are part of the MAA Session on Publishing Mathematics on the Web. This promises to be an interesting session. Please join us if you can.