GitHub Chooses MathJax For Math Support

Software development project hosting sevice GitHub announced last week that its new wiki system uses MathJax to provide math support. The new wiki is called gollum and you can read their post for more information on the release.

GitHub’s adoption of MathJax is a strong vote of confidence. GitHub has a vibrant developer community, and we expect the exposure MathJax receives as part of gollum will lead to its use in other significant web applications.

MathJax has previous been integrated with a variety of wiki platforms, but only as a modification to an individual installation. By contrast, gollum incorporates MathJax support directly, so anyone setting up a gollum instance will automatically have math support. To do this efficiently, the GitHub team has made use of a MathJax feature that allows all gollum installations to share a single copy of the MathJax fonts, in this case, hosted on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service.