BISG endorses epub3 as preferred standard

As you know, the MathJax team is a big fan of epub3. The main reason for us is that epub3 requires MathML support in epub3 reading systems which means that ebooks can finally contain standards conform, high quality, accessible mathematical content.

Unfortunately, epub reading systems face the same lack of native MathML support as their underlying browser engines do – a problem we at MathJax are all too familiar with. Since one of MathJax’s goals is to see beautiful rendering of MathML support in all browsers, we’re working just as hard on MathML support in epub3 reading systems. That’s why we helped Readium gain MathML support by integrating MathJax and why we keep an eye on epub3 reading systems.

But for us working on the technical side of things, it’s important to see support from the other side of ebooks. So we’re excited to see that the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) embraces epub3 as the preferred standard for ebooks. We hope this encourages people to fully implement epub3 and we hope we can continue to help out whenever partial MathML support just isn’t enough.

(Tip of the hat to our friends at IDPF)