American Physical Society continues as MathJax Supporter

The American Physical Society (APS) continues to support the MathJax project as a MathJax Supporter. APS was one of first organizations to become a MathJax Supporter, and the support of organizations like APS over time is key to ensuring the project’s long-term success.

The largest society of professional physicists in the US, APS is involved in several activities to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. This includes a strong publication program with landmark titles such as Physical Review Letters, the Physical Review journals, and Reviews of Modern Physics. APS has been an early proponent of new technologies and standards for electronic publication of mathematical content, and one of the first major scholarly publishers to embrace the MathML standards for mathematics.

Mark Doyle, Director, Journal Information Systems, comments: “MathJax has shown great progress this past year by adding many new features including automatic equation breaking. In our preliminary evaluation of MathJax 2.0 for our most heavily mathematical material, we have been impressed with the new capabilities. We look forward to continue supporting and working with the MathJax team as we roll out new features making even more use of MathJax.”

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with APS, and welcome their ongoing support for the MathJax project.