AIP Publishing continues as MathJax Supporter

AIP Publishing, a division of the American Institute of Physics, continues to support MathJax as a MathJax Supporter.

As a federation of 10 physical science societies, The American Institute of Physics (AIP) pursues a mission to advance and distribute the knowledge of the physical sciences and its applications. AIP Member Societies collectively represent more than 120,000 scientists, engineers, educators and students in the global physical sciences community.

AIP has been one of the world’s leading publishers in the physical sciences for more than 80 years. AIP Publishing provides a comprehensive collection of highly cited peer reviewed scientific information. Accessed by researchers at nearly 4,000 institutions worldwide, AIP Publishing’s portfolio of 17 journals includes prestigious titles such as Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, and The Journal of Chemical Physics, and the AIP Conference Proceedings series. AIP Publishing also publishes on behalf of several of AIP’s Member Societies and other publishing partners.

“AIP Publishing is pleased, once again, to provide financial support for MathJax – a valuable tool for researchers in the physical sciences that greatly improves the author experience as it relates to including mathematical equations in research published online,” said John Haynes, CEO of AIP Publishing.

“Thanks to our dedicated sponsors like AIP Publishing, we are able to develop MathJax continuously,” comments Peter Krautzberger, MathJax manager. “We are grateful for the continued support which allows us to keep MathJax the high-quality and universal rendering solution it is today”.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with AIP, and welcome their ongoing support for the MathJax project.