Typora becomes a MathJax Supporter

MathJax today announced that Typora is joining its sponsorship program as a MathJax Supporter.

Typora is a minimal Markdown editor built by the team of appmakes.io, which recently ended its long-term beta and now offers stable releases. Unlike some other editors, it offers a seamless experience between writing and reading, by providing an inline preview function. Typora also offers many advanced features, such as math expressions powered by MathJax. It is a good choice if you are looking for an app for writing your documents, blogs, or academic notes.

“MathJax supports mathematical formulae rendering without complex setups, it just works, and it works quite well,” remarked the developer behind Typora. “With MathJax, we were able to allow our users to create STEM contents in simple Markdown format, right inside our editor, smoothly and efficiently. We really appreciate MathJax team’s great work to bring math functionalities to our product, as well as to many other websites and products.”

“We really appreciate the support provided by Typora,” said Davide Cervone, the lead developer for MathJax. “This support allows us to continue to grow MathJax’s features in version 3.”

The MathJax team looks forward to the collaboration with Typora, and welcomes its support for the MathJax project.