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MathJax is a JavaScript library that allows page authors to include mathematics in their web pages. It works in most browsers, on most operating system, and it does not require plugins, fonts, or other installations on the part of the user. When you view a page that includes MathJax, you should see beautifully typeset mathematics, though it may take a few moments to process (depending on your network and computer speeds). You should not need to do anything to make that happen — just make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

  • Fonts: MathJax will use certain math fonts if they are installed on your computer; otherwise, it will use web-based fonts if your browser supports them, and image fonts if not.  Although they are not required, having fonts installed locally will speed up MathJax’s typesetting.  See the MathJax font help page for more details.
  • Math Menu: MathJax has a contextual menu that it applies to every equation that it typesets.  You get the menu when you right-click (on Windows) or control-click (on MacOS) over a mathematical formula that MathJax has typeset, and it allows you to view the formulas source markup, and change settings that control various aspects of MathJax.  See the MathJax Menu page for more information.
  • Math Zoom: if you are having difficulty reading an equation, MathJax can enlarge it to help you see it better.  This feature is enabled in the MathJax contextual menu.  See the Math Zoom instructions for more information.
  • Accessibility: MathJax can work with screen readers to make mathematics accessible to the visually impaired.  See the article on Accessible Pages Using MathJax for more details.

Having Problems?

If you are having trouble using MathJax, you should consult the MathJax FAQ, or the MathJax users forum.  If you think you have found a bug, please report it using the MathJax issue tracker (but please check that it hasn’t already been reported before you do).

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, MathJax may run very slowly for you.  It works much better in IE7 emulation mode.  We encourage page authors to force IE8 into IE7 emulation mode, but not all authors will do that.  You may wish to set IE8 to IE7 compatibility mode for the sites that use MathJax.

If you are using Firefox and MathJax seems to be taking a long time to render the page, check if you are getting messages about loading web fonts in the lower left-hand corner.  If so, the page author probably didn’t set up the web fonts to be shared properly (this is described in the installation documentation), and Firefox’s security policy is preventing it from loading the needed fonts.  In that case, installing the fonts locally should help speed things up.

10 Responses to MathJax User Help

  1. Claudio Vizzoni says:

    might be useful to implement css3:
    @font-face { font-family: ‘mathFont'; src: url(mathFont.ttf); }
    tag { font-family: ‘mathFont'; }

    would be useful:
    asciiMath2JAX ??? very easy math language
    OOmath2JAX ??? common mathematical language with great editor open source

  2. Davide P. Cervone says:


    MathJax already uses @font-face to load web-based fonts when possible (currently only older browsers, and iOS browsers use the image fonts, and the iOS support for @font-face will be in the v1.1 release).

    We have had requests for in asciimath input jax, and hope to provide one sometime in the future. The oomath suggestion is also a good idea.


  3. Rohan Chakraborty says:

    good post

  4. ramesh says:

    how to integrate (sinx)/x

  5. ShekhooRaja says:

    I cant see my comment, maybe its gone for moderation, but still, here it is again. So, I have the formulas in two formats on my website. Now, I want that if mathjax fails to load for some reason(It has happened a couple of times), then the other one should be loaded. But I cant figure out how to trigger this.


  6. mathjax says:

    Hi. The best place to ask such a question is the MathJax User Group.

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  8. Peg says:

    I don’t know if I’m the problem or what. I’m working on my math lesson for this week trying in input this equation into the expression editor but I keeps saying incorrect answer 16k^2 a^12/1/a^2, k^8. the answer is correct. I guess I’m using the wrong format to input the question.

  9. mathjax says:


    You probably followed a link from another page to get here. You should contact the owner of the original page for advice since this is not a MathJax issue.

    The MathJax team.

  10. Seema kumari says:

    when we see in mirror our right hand look left hand .why not our head and leg interchange ?

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