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MathJax will use the STIX fonts if they are installed on your computer. ┬áThis will improve MathJax’s speed when it typesets the mathematics on any page, so it is to your advantage to download and install one of these fonts, though MathJax will still work even if you don’t install the fonts yourself.

Obtaining the Fonts

To use the STIX fonts, download the latest version from the STIX web site and unpack the archive. You will find the fonts in the Fonts sub-folder of the STIX folder contained in the archive (they are the .otf files). Then follow the instructions below to install the fonts. Note that you should use an official release of the STIX fonts, not one of the earlier beta-test versions, which may not work properly with MathJax.

Installing the Fonts

To install the fonts, unpack the font archive and place the .otf or .ttf fonts into your system’s font folder. You may need to restart your browser in order for it to recognize that the new fonts are available.

In Windows, you can open the fonts folder using the “Start” menu’s “Control Panel” item, and select the “Fonts” folder. For example, in Windows XP, you can find the Fonts folder in the “Appearance and Themes” category (in the sidebar for that page), or you can use “Switch to Classical View” to find the “Fonts” folder. Drag the font files from their archive folder into the system Fonts folder to install them.

In Mac OS, open the Font Book application (it is in the Applications folder). Drag the fonts from their archive folder onto the “All Fonts” collection at the top left of the Font Book window. If you want to install them for everyone on your computer, drag them to the “Computer” collection instead. Alternatively, you can double-click on each font and select the “Install Font” button in the font window that appears.

In Linux or other unix systems, place the fonts in your ~/.fonts directory (create one if needed) and run the fc-cache -f command. In most Linux distributions, you can install the STIX fonts via the package manager. For example, on Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu you can simply run sudo apt-get install fonts-stix.

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  1. Trevor Hastie says:

    Is there any plan for getting mathjax into email?
    I use apple mail.


    Trevor Hastie

  2. Davide Cervone says:

    Most mail clients strip any javascript out of the mail before they display it, so it is unlikely that this can be made to work in something like Apple Mail. Apple Mail’s extension mechanism might possibly be used, but my understanding is that it is not well documented (I haven’t tried to use it), and I would guess that it would not be easy to do what is needed.

    Some browser-based mail readers can be made to use MathJax. See for example GmailTeX.


  3. I am serving the fonts on my website using the @font-face mechanism.

    I am writing in Pandoc-extended Markdown and using the command pandoc math.text --mathjax -o mathMathJax.html mechanism explained at here.

    Is it feasible to embed the STIX fonts using @font-face as suggested at HubLog?

    If so, how many of the STIX fonts do I use and how slowly will the pages load?

    I really need some advice on how to manage the mathematical fonts. My current thinking is to serve at the website a local version of MathJax.js and embed fonts with @font-face.

    Thanks in advance for yor suggestions.

  4. Peter Krautzberger says:

    This is a complicated issue, see this discussion at the MathJax User Group. If you have a follow-up question, it’s best to ask there.

  5. Chunliang Lu says:

    For Linux users, I think it is more convenient to use distribution package management system. For example, if you are under Ubuntu, you can use the following command to install STIX fonts.

    sudo apt-get install fonts-stix

  6. Peter Krautzberger says:

    Thanks, we’ll add it.

  7. Erik Holley says:

    The MathJax 2.0 config files are specifying that the STIX and TeX fonts are available with the TeX as the preferred font. Is this a preference of mathematicians, MathJax technologists, a wider glyph catalog, etc? Given the option of bundling exactly one font with my iPad app, what font would most appealing to those who regularly read math, STIX or TeX?

  8. Peter Krautzberger says:

    Hi Erik. Thanks for reaching out. The best place for such technical (and maybe philosophical questions) is our MathJax User Group.

  9. henring says:

    Hi, how to choose a particular fonts to MathJax .

    I met a situation: my system is ubuntu and using firefox as my defaut browser,

    I would like to choose some fonts to use, as my flavour, and I prohibit the page to choose their own fonts. However the problem is under my specified fonts, the fonts of formulae generated by Mathjax look so bad. If I allow the page to choose theire own fonts , instead of my selections, the formulae look nice, as a result, the other parts of page show bad fonts.

    Is there a way can deals with my demand? Can I specify the fonts for MathJax to make a well formulae display ?

    I have downloaded the fonts-stix.

    thank you for your guide.

  10. henring says:

    I think I solved this problem partly, now.

  11. Peter Krautzberger says:

    Hi. If you have the stix-fonts properly installed, MathJax should automatically use them. If you still have problems, please post on the MathJax User Group with more details about OS, browser, and specific pages that cause problems.

  12. Jose says:

    I am trying to paste the otf Fonts from Mathjax and does not allows me to do it, I have also tried to past the STIX fonts but there is no way to do it, the only extension my Fonts folder recognise is *.TTF. any sugestions?

  13. mathjax says:

    Which operating system are you using?

  14. Jose says:

    I am using Win98SE with Kernelex, which means I can use Firefox 3.2.28, IE 6, this is the best I can do


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    mathjax wrote, in response to Jose:

    Which operating system are you using?

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  15. confused!!! says:

    I am typing a program in Pages (I MAC) using a table in which every box I click on my font and size keeps changing. How can I keep from this happening?

  16. mathjax says:

    I’m afraid we don’t support Windows 98. You could try to convert the otf fonts to ttf fonts but we have no idea if Firefox+Kernelex will be able to pick them up.

  17. Jose says:

    Hi Thank you very much for your help. I converted the OTF fonts into TTF using a online converter website, I paste them into my windowsFonts folder, I opened Firefox 2.6.28 and still didn’t work so I opted to download another browser compatible with my system such as Opera 10.6 , and amazingly it works perfect.
    All the best
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    mathjax wrote, in response to Jose:

    I’m afraid we don’t support Windows 98. You could try to convert the otf fonts to ttf fonts but we have no idea if Firefox+Kernelex will be able to pick them up.
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  18. Gerrie van Tonder says:

    Is it possible to use the STIX fonts with MathJax on an Android device without having to root the device in order to install the STIX fonts?

  19. mathjax says:

    There’s no way to install fonts globally on Android, but apps can supply fonts for themselves. We’re also working on web fonts versions of the STIX fonts right now which would allow authors to use them without the need for users to install them.

  20. Ross says:

    Why Opera and Google Chrome use different fonts for rendering (see attached images)? System the same. Linux.

  21. Rowel Flaw says:

    I have installed STIX and own MathJax fonts (a-la Computer Modern) locally on my PC (Linux), but by default ( examples, MathJax use the STIX fonts.

    How to force using own MathJax fonts? STIX are ugly, really.

  22. mathjax says:


    Page authors define their preferences in the MathJax configuration. As a user, the only option right now is to hide the STIX fonts from the browser, e.g., by uninstalling them.

  23. T. Z. Boef says:

    On a rooted device you might copy it to /system/fonts, but then don’t know (but would like to know).

  24. Tanmay says:

    I am installing MathJax in my iOS application and I also want to use Tex font instead of STIX. Should I just only install Tex font into my application and MathJax will pick it up? Or do I have to explicitly mention that use Tex font?

  25. Hi. You can configure MathJax to ignore locally installed fonts, see (for the SVG output that’s automatic since it’s not font based).

    The betst way is probably to include a slimmed down copy of MathJax in your applications where you have full control over the fonts. You can check out the code of existing open source iOS apps, e.g., see

    Please direct follow-up questions to the MathJax User Group (!forum/mathjax-users) — this page has been retired. Thanks!

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