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MathJax will use the STIX fonts if they are installed on your computer. ┬áThis will improve MathJax’s speed when it typesets the mathematics on any page, so it is to your advantage to download and install one of these fonts, though MathJax will still work even if you don’t install the fonts yourself.

Obtaining the Fonts

To use the STIX fonts, download the latest version from the STIX web site and unpack the archive. You will find the fonts in the Fonts sub-folder of the STIX folder contained in the archive (they are the .otf files). Then follow the instructions below to install the fonts. Note that you should use an official release of the STIX fonts, not one of the earlier beta-test versions, which may not work properly with MathJax.

Installing the Fonts

To install the fonts, unpack the font archive and place the .otf fonts into your system’s font folder. You may need to restart your browser in order for it to recognize that the new fonts are available.

In Windows, you can open the fonts folder using the “Start” menu’s “Control Panel” item, and select the “Fonts” folder. For example, in Windows XP, you can find the Fonts folder in the “Appearance and Themes” category (in the sidebar for that page), or you can use “Switch to Classical View” to find the “Fonts” folder. Drag the font files from their archive folder into the system Fonts folder to install them.

In Mac OS, open the Font Book application (it is in the Applications folder). Drag the fonts from their archive folder onto the “All Fonts” collection at the top left of the Font Book window. If you want to install them for everyone on your computer, drag them to the “Computer” collection instead. Alternatively, you can double-click on each font and select the “Install Font” button in the font window that appears.

In Linux or other unix systems, place the fonts in your ~/.fonts directory (create one if needed) and run the fc-cache -f command.

7 Responses to MathJax Font Help

  1. Bob Pelorsen says:

    On FreeBSD place the fonts in your ~/.fonts directory (create one if needed) and run the fc-cache -f command. Note that this command comes from the x11-fonts/fontconfig port

  2. kinokijuf says:

    Why not add support for Cambria Math?

  3. mathjax says:

    There are several reasons. The most critical problem is that we are unable to properly support it for technical reasons. Cambria Math stores some of its glyphs at code points beyond the Unicode range. JavaScript can only specify Unicode characters so MathJax will never be able to access those glyphs. (Microsoft products use an OpenType extension to reach these glyphs. Unfortunately, that extension is neither officially part of OpenType nor is it implemented in an existing browser.)

  4. LkRuiz says:

    Hi, I would like to know if there are any light configuration for Mathjax. I saw that the fonts folder has a huge size 136MB so and some developers have told me that since we add Mathjax library the syncronization with the SVN has been slow and also the application deploy. We are using mathjax with CkEditor, Tomcat with J2EE arch.

  5. guest says:

    I want to use web native font while I use “begin{eqnarray*}…..end{eqnarray*}”.

  6. mathjax says:


    Sorry for the delayed response. MathJax currently only supports a limited number of fonts. See e.g. for the available options.

    Best regards.

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