MathJax v1.0.1a Download Instructions

This page described how to download and install MathJax v1.0.1a.  This is no longer the current version of MathJax, and users are strongly encouraged to update to the latest version, or to use the MathJax CDN.

To install v1.0.1a, you must download two files:

Both files are required.  Without the Font Update, MathJax will not work properly in Firefox 3.6.13 and higher.

First install the distribution by following the installation instructions.

Then replace the


directory in the resulting MathJax installation with the otf directory contained in the archive.

9 Responses to MathJax v1.0.1a Download Instructions

  1. James D. Freels says:

    Would it be possible to obtain a .deb package to use for installing ?

  2. Robert Miner says:

    A person working on a Debian distribution contacted us in hopes of providing just such a package. However there are technical and licensing details we need to resolve. Thanks for the request — knowing people are interested helps in prioritizing these things.

  3. i like to use Mathjax

  4. ProfessionalPoint Point says:


  5. bbb says:

    why cant I download it?can anyone upload the files on another server please?I need them.

  6. bbb says:

    I cant download version 2.2

  7. mathjax says:

    Please visit to download v2.2

  8. Jay says:

    The links for download dont work!!!! Download starts but never finishes. It always gives an error and stops in the middle… for all versions.

  9. mathjax says:


    Please visit to download the current version.

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