Get MathJax

Note: these instructions are for page authors. If you are a visitor to a page using MathJax, there’s no setup needed.

The MathJax CDN

The easiest way to use MathJax is to link directly to the public installation available through the MathJax Content Distribution Network (CDN).  When you use the MathJax CDN, there is no need to install MathJax yourself, and you can begin using MathJax right away.

The CDN will automatically arrange for your readers to download MathJax files from a fast, nearby server.  And since bug fixes and patches are  deployed to the CDN as soon as they become available, your pages will always be up to date with the latest browser and devices.

For more information, see:

Downloads for Local Installation

To install MathJax on your own server, download the distribution  and follow the instructions in the installation documentation.

Current Version:  MathJax-2.3 (32.9MB)

Consult the change log for what’s new in version 2.3.

For previous versions, see