MathJax in Use — websites, webapps

This is a selection of websites and web applications using MathJax — showcasing some interesting examples that may serve as inspiration.

An extended list is available here. If your website or application uses MathJax, and you would like to be added, please contact us. It is still only a small fraction of all the websites and platforms using MathJax.


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11 Responses to MathJax in Use — websites, webapps

  1. gimpa says:

    sage also

  2. Mark says:

    I don’t see Wikipedia listed here…

  3. mathjax says:

    Since MathJax is only available to registered users and they have to activate it manually, it was more confusing to include it here. Of course, we’re working on making MathJax the default on Wikipedia.

  4. Juan says:

    Any chance reddit will be added to the list?

  5. mathjax says:

    It’s not up to us if a website starts using MathJax. Of course, we’d love to see Reddit on the list, but probably the reddit community is the best place to rally support for this.

  6. Matt Parnell says:

    The Particle Data Group (PDG) use this in the pdgLive (beta)

  7. mathjax says:

    Thanks! Do you have a link to a good example?

  8. Matt Parnell says:

    Well, I just randomly chose a page.

    Nothing complex, they seem to be using it for particle symbols, relations and values; depending on which page you’re on.

  9. mathjax says:

    Excellent — thanks!

  10. Giuseppe says: use MathJax. This is a sample page with a formula at the end of section 1. But you can find formulas in other tutorial pages.

  11. mathjax says:

    Thanks! We have decided to change our policy a while ago. While we will keep a list of links to our early adopters, we have decided to focus on (web)apps, tutorials etc in the future. We do try to give interesting content-focused websites a shout out in our community updates and will consider the link you shared.

    The MathJax team.

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