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If you can’t get enough reading through the examples of MathJax in use, then here’s an even longer list of pages.

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We keep the Gallery of selected sites to thank our early adopters and to keep a list of interesting examples for more advanced applications.

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20 Responses to MathJax in Use — the long list

  1. Hello, you have a link to my web site under Plugins as follows:

    Formula-of-the-day type JDS plugins, and iGoogle Gadget XML code ( and

    The IGoogle is not going to stay for long per Google. Also, I have extended list of my math plugins at

    Can you please remove the old link and include the above link with the title Math Plugins.



  2. Peter Krautzberger says:

    Thanks, Dayal, I’ll update the page.

  3. Kirti Patel says:


    -> solving equations and finding roots of an equation using Grpahical representation of the functions
    -> Finding Maxima and Minima of a function as well as Point of inflection of a function
    -> Calculating for different values of x
    -> Differentation of a function
    -> Eigen value and vector of a matrix
    -> Binary, hexadecimal, octal calculator
    -> conversion of units
    -> Automated saving of equations.


    — will help you concentrate on the concept rather that remembering unnecessary equations and calculating them.
    — Give you the picturization of the function like Sinx / x how the function looks or x-[x]
    — helps you to visualize the function and its properties
    — It gives the location of the point of intersection of the graphs, hence better visvuilazing.
    — its hard to remember all sorts of the conversion, it helps to carry out these conversion on fingre tip


    With the advancement of technology and complexity counting has become very complex with evolution, mathematics has evolved itself into
    hard language like that of latin.

    But the processing speed of computers have solved the problem of complex equations, Pentiums, i processors helped solving equations on
    computer but with globlization mobility is growing at exponential pace, for the same purpose the mobile technology shall be used
    to solve the equations

    HIggsBoson Solutions Pvt Ltd has put its endevaour in leaveraging the capability of android OS to solve matghematical problems
    in its application (Link of the application) it has provided mathematicians to calculate the roots of equation using graphical representation of the function, caclulating Maxima and minima for a function and also finding the change of concavity i.e. Point of inflection.The application also finds the differentiation of the equation.

    It has also provided a way to find eigen values and vectors of the matrix, Inverse of the matrix. It laso provides calculator for solving hexadecimal, binary, octal and decimal calculations.

    The scientific calculator helps in solving complex equations ranging from complex composite equations to logarithimic and trignometric equations, it provided variety of unit conversions to help experts to concentrate on the crux of the problem rather concentrating on long equations

    For Students – Engineering, Maths

    F(x) = x^2-5x+6 and g(x) = sin x
    is it tedious to solve this equaution? NO there is rescue operation given by the application

    Now, solving these two equations will require 3 pages of solution while it doesn’t add to the conceptual understanding of the problem, if it is deal in graphs it would have been solved in few lines and would have contributed in better understanding of a function. The application helps in plotting accurate graphs and find point of intersection of the equations. The application also find the roots of the equation of f(x) and g(x). The handy nature of the application brings immense help to those who find it diificult to plot the graph manually, same arises with the graphical properties of a function.

    As a third user

    The graph plotting functionality and graph properties are awesome. It give accurate results and is very easy to use. I searched a lot and found only one android which could produce results with such accuracy.

  4. mathjax says:

    It’s not quite clear to us if your app uses MathJax. Could you clarify?

  5. Goutnet says:

    Hello All,

    I would like to inform you that I wrote an addon (free) to integrate MathJax into Concrete5, IMO one of the best CMS out there.

    The addon have a great level of integration with both MathJax and Concrete5.

    You can download and install this addon here :

  6. mathjax says:

    Thanks — that’s great! We’ll add it to the list.

  7. Kleber Kilhian says:

    Hello, recently I started to use the MathJax script in my blog. I am very pleased with the result. Access:

  8. mathjax says:

    We keep the “personal blog section” for historic purposes only — these were the first blogs we’d seen. Blogs using MathJax are just too many these days. Luckily, there are specialized sites like which aggregate mathematical blogs in general. Be sure to get it listed there!

  9. PaulTopping says:

    It would be nice if showed a MathJax badge on those blogs listed that use MathJax. Perhaps that could take the place of the list here.

  10. Aori Nevo says:

    The last link (Example of MathJax in Google’s html5slides), under document preparation, responds with a 404 error when clicked.

  11. mathjax says:

    Thanks. The link is fixed but the example seems to not work well anywmore. We’ve added a link to the github account of the author if you want to follow up with them.

  12. Aori Nevo says:

    The link to TeXChat under (Web) Applications is not working.

  13. mathjax says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve updated the link.

  14. Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin says: is a markdown editor with Github integration and MathJax. (comparable to StackEdit)

  15. A V Chandradasankutty says: uses MathJax for the scientific calculator which provides step by step solution to mathematical problems

  16. mathjax says:

    Thanks — added to the list!

  17. mathjax says:

    Thanks! We’ve added it to our list.

  18. Rob Kam says:

    MediaWiki math extension is no longer being developed or supported by MediaWiki. It is now instead one of the render options in the Math extension, although on the it’s posted that this also is being depreciated.

  19. Rob Kam says:

    That should have read MediaWiki MathJax extension is no longer being developed … etc. However there is now another extension replacing it: Extension:SimpleMathJax

  20. Thanks and thanks for updating the wiki. We usually suggest to install the upcoming MW Math extension 2.0 as the best solution. But it’s good to see the SimpleMathJax extension as an alternative.

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