MathJax in use — applications

This is a selection of applications using MathJax — showcasing some interesting examples that may serve as inspiration.

An extended list is available here.

ePub reading systems

We’ve helped Readium, the IDPF’s reference implementation for ePub3, and other ePub3 reading software to use MathJax for MathML support (which is required for MathML readers). You can find more information on our resource on epub reading software.

iOS, Android, OSX and Windows 8 Apps

Document Preparation

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  2. kiiki says:

    plz give me source code for maths formulas in android………………….

  3. mathjax says:

    The link to the Android app includes links to the source.

  4. iMesh Lab says:

    Wonderful lore thanks for sharing with us….

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